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Career Management Forum

Career Management Forums (CMF) are briefings lasting approximately 1 hour with a question and answer session.


CMF educate TPU officers on the purpose of the Career Management Office, promotion board process, military and civilian education requirements and the overall keys to career success in the Army Reserve.


Following the informational briefing and Q & A session Career Management Officers are available to assist, with the unitís personnel section, TPU officers in records update and correction.


Contact your CMO for more information on progressing your career by attending a forum in your area.

Initial Military Training Branch


Scheduling for Basic Officers Leaders Course (BOLC) and Warrant Officer Basic Course (WOBC), contact the following

USAR point of contacts:

BOLC POC Initial Military Training PDF


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IMA IRR Retired Reserve Career Management

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for point of contacts:



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Cadet's to be TPU LTs
 Career Information

 Scheduling for Basic Officers Leaders Course (BOLC),

contact the following USAR point of contacts:

BOLC POC Initial Military Training PDF


This site is here to assist you in your career progression. Check back for updates on information relevant to your career.


Again, thank you for your service and dedication to your unit and the Army Reserve.

Career progression is important and it is your responsibility to ensure you meet the standards to maintain your career as an Officer in the United States Army Reserve. 

It is necessary for you to:

   Obtain your four-year degree.

   Contact the Initial Military Training Team to schedule Basic Officer Leadership Course (BOLC).

   Complete your Basic Officer Leadership Course (BOLC). And ensure the schoolhouse uploads the DA 1059 to iPERMS database.

   Contact Your Career Management Officer, to review your career path and discuss the future of your military career and for additional information.

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ROTC Vacancy Hold Process: USARC G1 IMT ROTC Vacancy Hold Process 20160913


To better understand how your career can help you along your career see our OfficerYouTube Logovideo at: YouTube Officers


CMO Forum Brief: CMO Forum Brief


See our CMO Trifold: ARCD CMO Trifold




         Army ROTC

         Direct Commission

        Officer Candidate School (OCS)

        United States Military Academy


Minuteman Scholarship Campaign: Nominate Cadets for a Guaranteed Reserve Forces Duty (GRFD)





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