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Army Reserve Officer Accession Programs

Combining the best of both worlds:  Warrior and Citizen; and allow you the opportunity to do the most with your education and assist in furthering your education and develop leadership qualities.  Providing you tools to build a strong foundation, augmenting your career as a Citizen and a Warrior, open to individuals with or without prior military service and with training in 12 career fields.  This program offers opportunity for initial appointment, reappointment, civilian appointment, and reappointment within 12 months of being release from active duty (REFRAD) thru the Officer Direct Commission Program; Officer Reappointment Program and REFRAD Reappointment.

Officer Accession Frequently Asked Questions

Officer Accession Prerequisite

Officer Accession Point of Contact

Selection Board Dates


Army Reserve Board Date

Packet Cutoff Date To ARCD

NOV 2016 - REAPPT 15-16 NOV 2016 9 SEP 2016
JAN 2017 - OCS 19-22 JAN 2017 16 SEP 2016
FEB 2017 - REAPPT 21-22 FEB 2017 9 DEC 2017
MAY 2017 - OCS 22-26 MAY 2017 6 JAN 2017
JUN 2017 - REAPPT 19-23 JUN 2017 24 FEB 2017
SEP 2017 - OCS 5-8 SEP 2017 12 MAY 2017


* NOTE:  There is no guarantee that if Army Reserve Careers Division (ARCD) receives your packet (s) by the Recommended arrival to ARCD date, that it will be boarded for the next month board.  This date ensures that ARCD has time to process your packet (s) to proponents including the processing of any waivers.  


Applications & Procedures

To complete an application contact your Local Officer Accessions NCO.

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