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Army Reserve Officer Accession Programs



Age: Minimum age is 18. Maximum age 41 years and 6 months at time of scheduled board. Presently there are no restrictions to the maximum age for which an applicant can submit a waiver request.


Citizenship: All applicants must be a US citizen or have lawfully entered the United States for permanent residence.  An applicant is exempt if he or she is currently serving or have served previously in the Armed Forces.


Foreign nationals living in the United States, or its possessions who have not applied for permanent residence (non declared alien) may submit application for initial appointment. However, it will be with the provision that if accepted, application for permanent residence will be made.


Mental Qualifications: Must have a GT score of 110 or higher.

Applicant from another branch of the Armed Forces must submit evidence of attainment of a qualifying  GT score 110 or higher. To be obtained on Recruiter Eligibility Data Display (REDD).


If required test scores are not available, arrangements will be made to administer the entire test battery.


Above are not applicable for appointment of a former commissioned officer applying for reappointment as a commissioned officer.


Security Requirements: Applicant will have as a minimum, a interim secret security clearance prior to be tendered an appointment.


Must submit, E-QIP Security form with the finger print card, FD form 258, if applicant is missing security clearance.


Applicant for appointment as commissioned with assignment to Military Intelligence must have a Top Secret clearance and will be informed of the time required to obtain clearances.


Special back ground investigation and final clearance may take up to 12 months to complete.


Applicants can be field boarded without an approved clearance as long as the E-QIP Security form has been submitted with the fingerprint cards. Packets can be HQDA boarded with an interim secret.


Education: Baccalaureate degree. Applicants with less than a 4-year degree must submit all college transcripts and the results of either ACT (19) or SAT (850). The submitted test can't be over 10 years old. 


Moral: Each applicant will be of good moral character. Moral waivers will be submitted with the application and processed by HRC-Fort Knox, KY upon receipt of application. Court documentation will be submitted with waiver request.


Leadership: Applicants will possess traits as potential leaders and have the ability to deal effectively with people. Such traits will be evaluated in terms of applicant's NCOERs, letters of recommendation, background and experience.


Medical:  Medical requirements are prescribed in AR 40-501, chapter 2, and must meet the retention weight standards of AR 600-9.


For flight training a type B medical examination is needed to meet class la, AR 40-501 chapter 4 and 8


All applicants will submit an approved chapter 2 physical and any waiver requests with application.


Waivers: All waivers will be submitted with the packet and processed by HRC-Fort Knox, KY once the packet is received.


For more information on Army Reserve Officer or to complete a application packet, contact your local Officer Accession Career Counselor.

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