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Frequently Asked Questions  Warrant Officer Candidates during training session.

 Soldier's Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) - Read insightful answers to some of the most popular questions regarding the Army Reserve Warrant Officer Accessions Program.

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Answers to Frequently Asked Questions

Warrant Officer Candidates during training session.

Q:  What do I need to include in my warrant officer application packet?

A: Your Army Reserve Officer Accession Career Counselor (OACC) will assist you in preparation of your packet. Call or send an e-mail to your OACC and he/she will contact you with all the information you will need. The e-mail and telephone numbers for the OACC is under the Contacts section of this web site.  Use the checklist to guide you through this process.

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Q:  What is the standard on letters of recommendations?

A: Letters of recommendation are a very important part of the application. At a minimum, your packet should contain company and battalion commander recommendations and one from a senior warrant officer in your chosen career specialty.

Additionally, the company and battalion commander recommendations must be from your current chain of command unless you have less than 90 days with your current chain of command. The letters should be specific and quantifiable. If you have received noncommissioned officers evaluation reports (NCOERs) you may want to use some of the strong bullets as a starting point in drafting the memorandums. Do not use a form letter that uses generic or flowery sentences. The letters should emphasize your technical skills and management abilities.

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Q: Can I apply for more than one military occupation specialty (MOS)?

A: In block 5a of the DA Form 61 you can list up to three options, BUT YOU MUST MEET THE CRITERIA for all listed. List the MOS in order of preference, because the packet is boarded with your first preference and if you are selected the packet is not boarded again. If not selected, your packet is boarded a second time for your second choice. Your packet is boarded up to two times in each of the additional requested MOS'. Your application must include the documents required for each MOS. Also, each proponent must qualify you for each of the MOS'. Listing more than one MOS causes additional processing time with proponents, so be prepared for this delay. 

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Q:  What happens if I do not meet the prerequisites?

A: A request for waiver may be submitted for prerequisites regarding age, Basic NCO Course (BNCOC), military experience (if civil experience is comparable), and rank, etc. Waiver requests must be justified with a DETAILED EXPLANATION as to why you feel this waiver should be considered and granted. Remember that you are telling the waiver authority that you have special circumstances and should be granted special consideration. Waivers are not routinely granted.

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Q:  How do I know if I need a moral waiver?

A: If you checked YES in block 26 of the DA Form 61, indicating you were arrested, charged, cited, held, or detained for any reason at any time. You must list all juvenile offenses, Article 15s, courts-martial or traffic fines of more than $250. Example: You were cited for vandalism while in high school but the charge was dismissed. You still require a waiver because you were cited for this offense.

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Q:  What is the standard for the security clearance memo?

A: Contact your regional support command (RSC) or division security manager. The security manager must sign the memorandum, which will indicate the type of clearance, type of investigation, the date the clearance was granted or to whom the periodic reinvestigation was submitted. The memorandum MUST be signed by the RSC or division security manager. The DA form 873 may be substituted for this requirement and, if expired, the DA Form 873 with a cover memorandum from the RSC division security manager. The OACC will also assist you if your having any problem.

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Q:  What is the standard for the DA Form 2-1?

A: It is your responsibility to ensure this form is up-to-date and accurate.

Only personnel who are authorized to update this form may make typed or pen and ink changes. Ensure the awards on the DA Form 2-1 agree with your DA photo. If you recently tested to raise your GT score, ensure the new score is posted. Your civilian education entry must agree with your transcripts. Also ensure item 35 correctly shows your assignment history.

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Q:  What is the standard for the Official DA photo?

A: The photo is a very important part of your packet. This is the first item of your application the board sees and it helps to form the first impression. Wear only permanent decorations. Have someone look you over before taking the photo and, if possible, ask someone to go with you to ensure your uniform is correct in every way. A long sleeve shirt and four-in-hand tie is recommended for males.

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Q:  What is the standard for the physical examination?

A: It must be in accordance with chapter 2, AR 40-501. Physicals taken for appointment in non-aviation MOS' must state for WO appointment, WOC training. Physical examination must include a HIV and drug and alcohol test results. Your OACC will help you get an appointment to get a proper physical.

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Q:  What is the standard for the APFT?

A:  This APFT will follow the regulation very strictly, so we caution you to get in shape. If you cannot pass an APFT given "by the book," you may experience PT problems at Warrant Officer Candidate School (WOCS). Without exception, candidates are expected to meet the Army standard APFT. If you cannot, you will fail and be sent home.

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Q: What happens if I am not selected?

A: If you are not selected by the first board that considers your application, your application is designated Fully Qualified-Non-Select (FQ-NS). The next board that convenes for your requested MOS will consider your application. After review by two boards, your application is designated Not Competitive-Not Selected (NC-NS) and will be destroyed in 90 days. You will not receive personal notice after either board if you were not selected and the reason for non-selection. However, your OACC will be advised of the board results after each board, so you may contact him or her for this information. You can reapply with a completely new application, one (1) year after the date in block 42 of the DA Form 61.

Questions? Contact your Army Reserve Career Counselor.

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